Professional Services Firm

Our customer was a leading professional services firm.

The goal of the project was to make it easier for senior leadership to access data so they can use it as and when they need it.

We developed a mobile, web, and voice integration for users to interact with the system. This ran on a hybrid cloud setup between the customer’s data centers and Google Cloud.

The Solution

Our team led a full-stack technology effort, showcasing modern tools, platforms, and processes. Our consultants also partnered with the customer’s stakeholders to begin a business transformation effort that focused on bringing disruptive technologies into the day-to-day work environment.  

The scope of the project and use-case was a perfect fit to the capabilities and innovation of Google Cloud.

The Outcome

It was the first deployment of Docker Data Center within an enterprise. It also ushered in the adoption of DevOps and Containers within the organization which allowed them to reap tremendous operational gains.

Additionally, the application saw widespread use amongst the customer’s partners and successfully demonstrated the practical value of Artificial Intelligence, APIs, and Open-Source tooling.

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