OIA Global

OIA is a supply chain management leader, delivering clients a unique combination of global logistics, packaging and materials sourcing solutions. With over 1,400 professionals and a worldwide presence in 28 countries, OIA designs innovative solutions that optimise supply chains around the world.

OIA needed a solution which would present data in an empowering way to their customers. OIA chose to integrate Cloudreach Connect as they wanted to unlock the benefits of more integrated systems and effective use of data. They trusted Cloudreach as a partner who could provide modern cloud technology with fantastic support. 

“Cloudreach Connect has enabled us to compete with the largest companies in our industry, as we’re able to connect customer data in a revolutionary way. We rarely go into a conversation with a customer of a certain size now without talking to them about OIA Connect.”

Claus Rasmussen Managing Director EMEA at OIA GLOBAL

The Challenge

As digitisation takes hold in the logistics industry, there is a state of flux as companies look to bring together a rather fragmented process of moving goods from one place to another. There is a race on to deliver more fluent and collaborative solutions, and OIA needed a solution which would present data in an empowering way to their customers.

Before Connect was integrated, OIA had a more manual approach of sharing data with customers, so they were looking to use cloud technology to transform this. They also moved away from having a custom-built software which required tailored updates and now reap the benefits of Cloudreach Connect, a more advanced platform with shared components.

The Solution

OIA chose a Cloudreach solution as they trusted our capabilities in development and cloud technologies. Cloudreach Connect was the most appropriate software because of its immense power to integrate systems and improve management of data.

OIA Connect is an example of application modernisation through enhancement made possible by the underlying integration technology. Cloudreach Connect was used to continuously synchronise custom data slices from remote SQL databases into a Data Lake hosted on AWS. The Connect UI framework was then used to build a modern, responsive, mobile-ready user interface to interact with the synchronised data.

Cloudreach Connect has provided a reliable cloud native application development platform underpinned with enterprise grade integration technology, which made the build of the OIA Connect system simple as the developers were able to focus on the business logic requirements instead of having to be burdened with the complexity of cloud native development.

The product has become so instrumental to the business that OIA are now looking to involve their own development teams to write code for the Connect software. OIA plan to invest heavily in OIA Connect over the coming years and plan to use Cloudreach and our expertise to drive innovation in the logistics industry.

The Partnership

“The support is always top-notch. We’ve had the Cloudreach Architects really closely involved in our product OIA Connect and they’ve given continued support on how to expand this consistently throughout the business. They even came to the rescue when we had an additional customer requirement and needed to develop new software within an extremely short time frame, which helped us develop huge credibility with this customer” – Claus Rasmussen, Managing Director EMEA at OIA GLOBAL.

The Outcome

OIA Connect is helping to transform the business both internally and externally. OIA have integrated Cloudreach software to create a very successful product for their business which is now a key offering and differentiator for their customers. The improvements in efficiencies for OIA customers is seen across the board and customers are pleased with the value provided by OIA Connect.

OIA Connect is going to be the global platform for managing OIA data going forward and will be used to help deliver insight to all stakeholders in the supply chain.

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