Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC are a leading football club in the English Premier League, with 18 titles and 5 European cups to their name.

The Challenge

Liverpool FC needed to deliver greater availability, performance and resilience, to meet the peak demands during the season for their loyal supporters. They approached Cloudreach to help them migrate their website to a new scalable AWS infrastructure.

The Solution

  • Cloudreach led the migration of the website, which delivers match/team information, betting, ticketing, shopping and membership services to engage supporters through the year.
  • Working with the in house development team, Cloudreach moved the platform to a multi-data centre configuration to improve availability, performance and disaster recovery.
  • Cloudreach also implemented a set of configuration management tools to help them easily deploy new infrastructure.

The Partnership

Cloudreach’s expert knowledge of AWS features and tooling meant we were the perfect partner to design Liverpool FC’s new cloud infrastructure.

The Outcome

Using AWS autoscaling, Liverpool FC’s website now responds to peak demands automatically and can cope with important events and media announcements. They have a more stable, scalable and accountable platform which is more than ready to cope with future demands and the success of the club.

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