Internet Watch Foundation

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) are a non-profit membership organisation established in 1996 that serve as the UK Hotline for securely and confidentially reporting criminal online content. IWF wanted to make processes more automated and take advantage of the features that Salesforce offers on-platform, which they were implementing off-platform on a number of disparate systems.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Cloudreach throughout the development and implementation of our new-look, new-functionality Salesforce. Our consultant was extremely approachable and she carried out our requests quickly and with patience. We’re looking forward to reaping the rewards of our new Salesforce.”

Julie Bawtree Membership Assistant at IWF

The Challenge

IWF’s current process was very complex, manual and time-consuming for membership enrolment and renewal. Leads were entered manually and enquiries handled via email. IWF used Salesforce mostly used as a “contact log”, not really a Customer Relationship Management tool. Service and membership fees were not mapped into the system, and only existed in a Word document.

The Solution

  • Using Salesforce, Cloudreach implemented an “Opportunity” process for New Members, Renewals and Donations.
  • We automated membership emails using triggers.
  • We created a site for automated lead generation.
  • We created different price books to cater to IWF’s complex Funding Model, and added appropriate products/services for Membership Fees and Services offered for each Industry type.
  • In order to differentiate Members and Stakeholders, we created appropriate record types.
  • We undertook training for IWF’s team to enable smooth change management.

The Partnership

Our initial proposal did not include any development time but, because the renewal process was so complex, development was necessary to automate membership emails and lead generation. We therefore undertook extra development work during the project, as well as conducting post-project training and change management.

The Outcome

Cloudreach reduced the administrative burden on IWF’s team, allowing them to be more efficient and productive by focussing their attention on other areas of the business. Our work enabled reporting and analysis of the opportunity pipeline, and of key data on existing members. The roles and relationships of Members and Stakeholders Accounts and Contacts are more clearly defined. Products and services in the system can be created based on the aforementioned complex Funding Model.

In essence, IWF are able to take full advantage of the basic CRM functionality as well as reduce administrative overheads by automating their customer-centric sign-up and retention process.

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