Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records (GWR) is the universally recognised authority on record-breaking achievement. Since the first book was published in 1955, GWR has evolved to become one of the world’s best known brands with 97% prompted recall in the English speaking world. GWR’s purpose is to inspire people to discover their true potential.

Key features of the new solution:

  • 100% Salesforce-Native
  • Dynamic Visualforce pages
  • Dynamic Apex logic execution
  • Easy to administer and make changes to fields and validation rules
  • Using and maximising Salesforce with the use of declarative and programmatic functionality

“Cloudreach well and truly surpassed our expectations. They were the third partner we’d engaged and, after some frustrating previous experiences, we were very cautious about choosing another partner. However, the Cloudreach people were really knowledgeable and supportive. They ensured this was a smooth engagement with very little pain.”

Rob Howe IT Director

The Challenge

“We sought a partner to assist us as we didn’t have the capacity to do this in-house. Our small team is very stretched, and finding the time to upskill and learn how to write and implement the necessary Apex code was proving difficult.” – RH

During this initial engagement, the focus of the project was optimising the process of invoice cancellation, and automating the transfer of this information to the invoicing team.

Though the project itself was not particularly complex, the challenge was finding a partner who could come in and immediately understand the business processes at work and what GWR were trying to achieve. GWR were keen to engage a partner who would pick up the concept quickly and deliver a rapid solution.

The Solution

GWR selected Cloudreach as the solution provider of choice, due to Cloudreach’s experience implementing business automation solutions using experienced and certified in-house experts.

In order to improve GWR’s user experience, Cloudreach used a combination of declarative (Salesforce configuration) and programmatic (Apex and VisualForce) Salesforce functionality to build a streamlined and user-friendly process for cancelling invoices and creating refunds.

  1. The solution allowed users to click on a single button on the Opportunity, that would use specified criteria to validate if the particular Opportunity was eligible for a Refund.
    1. If eligible for a refund, it would pop-up a VisualForce page that allows the user to select from several Cancellation options.
    2. If not eligible, it would provide an error message advising the user why it is not eligible.
  2. Once the cancellation reasons have been selected, the user is directed onto the second page, where they are able to select if this is a Full Refund or a Partial Refund.
    1. If Partial Refund, the user is provided additional options to choose the Partial Refund type and press ‘Save’ to finish the process.
    2. If Full Refund, the user is directed to press ‘Save’ immediately.
  3. Using Apex functionality, a new Opportunity is created for both Full and Partial Refunds by cloning the existing Opportunity, linking the cloned Opportunity to the original Opportunity, and the required information edited on the cloned Opportunity using the input provided by the user.
  4. Additionally, a Credit Invoice is created based on refund type and linked to the cloned Opportunity.

The Partnership

GWR were cautious about using another partner, since Cloudreach was the third partner they had engaged, and they had previously experienced some frustrating integrations. We made sure that we thoroughly understood the work required before we began the engagement, and factored in a time allowance for two rounds of testing so that we could easily catch and fix any bugs.

“The Cloudreach people were really knowledgeable and supportive. They provided expertise in areas where we were lacking” – RH

The Outcome

GWR has been able to engage with a partner who can help further develop their Salesforce platform. Cloudreach’s solution has significantly reduced the time required to cancel and refund Opportunities, as well as raise Credit Notes, while reducing human error and duplicate manual input. The implementation of this particular solution has freed up a whole day in every 3 weeks for other more important work.

Instead of spending the majority of their time manually keying data, much of this work is now automated and the user is provided with simpler input parameters to guide them through the process. These pre-established rules have also been updated to adapt to the new functionality, which resulted in a faster automated process that eliminated an error-prone, manual and convoluted process.

Key Benefits:
• Near 7% gain in operational efficiency
• Time to refund an Opportunity reduced from up to 1 hour to less than 5 minutes
• Increased engagement with users
• Reduction in manual/human error
• Efficient use of Salesforce platform functionality

The successful outcome of this project resulted in Guinness World Records approaching Cloudreach for additional Salesforce optimisation for their Lead Process, as well as the implementation of Pardot for their Marketing Automation requirements.

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