Grosvenor Technology (Newmark Security Group)

Grosvenor Technology Limited (Grosvenor) are a market leader in global access control & workforce management solutions. They deliver secure, smart environments and bespoke solutions tailored to their customers’ needs. Among their product offering, they sell hardware, software and IP/cloud-based products and services to customers of all sizes from all sectors.

Long lasting, strong partner and customer relationships have always been instrumental for Grosvenor’s success, which drove their decision to move away from their legacy business-critical systems, some of which had been custom built by Grosvenor. Their goals were to strengthen the quality of their service and thus partner/customer relationships, improve access to information and enhance their ability to win new business.

Salesforce was chosen as a robust solution able to accommodate all Grosvenor’s needs, including the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud offerings. The main driver for this was to bring the Sales and Service functionality together from two separate systems, spreadsheets (formerly using Prospect Soft) and GCal, onto one platform to deliver a comprehensive view of all customer interactions.  Grosvenor had also opted to replace their Exchequer accounting system with Sage, which they needed to be integrated with the new Salesforce environment.

Cloudreach took the time to understand our business with a view to mapping our requirements to the Salesforce platform.  Our business is quite complex and Cloudreach brought analysis skills and industry experience via their Consultancy team to the table.

Patrick Brennan European Sales Manager

The Challenge

  • Grosvenor were looking for a Salesforce partner because, despite the in-house team having experience of Salesforce as end-users, they did not have the technical implementation knowledge to cater for the complexity of their build requirements..
  • The integration with Sage was also complex, and required specialist guidance. Grosvenor wanted to use 4 separate instances of Sage reflecting their different geographical regions, but integrate them all with just one Salesforce instance.

The Solution

Sales Cloud setup: Grosvenor wanted to replace their existing spreadsheets and use “opportunities” and “quotes” in Salesforce, so we implemented this to sync with Sage. This meant that when an opportunity was marked as completed the details would be automatically pushed into Sage to generate the invoice. We spent significant time on the setup of Pricebooks and Product information in Salesforce and Sage, because each product needed to be matched to the correct Sage instance in order to avoid errors. We ensured that the discounts procedure could be monitored and regulated through Salesforce, so that discounts applied to opportunities would always be authorised at the correct level.

Service Cloud setup: Service Cloud was to replace and enhance Grosvenor’s existing GCal system, which they had built inhouse. We implemented Service Cloud so that “cases” could be easily populated in Salesforce, and to ensure the Customer Service team would have visibility over the level of support entitlement of each customer or partner had when working on a case. We also worked on the RMA (returned materials authorisation) functionality to ensure a solid returns policy. This was connected to Sage so that, if a return was made, the accounting team would be able to see which items of an invoice to credit back to the customer.

Integration: This was challenging because it included linking 4 Sage instances to 1 Salesforce instance. Additionally, internal SQL Licence Generator Database was to be integrated with Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook was to be integrated with Salesforce.

Objects integrated between Salesforce and Sage included Accounts, Opportunities, Products, Price Lists and the RMA module. Some of the data that passes through the integration is mastered in Sage whereas certain other datasets are mastered in Salesforce. For example, customer group and tax group for accounts are mastered in Sage but multiple other account fields are mastered in Salesforce and pushed to Sage.

Cloudreach Connect (CC) does the work of importing data (Customer Groups, Items and Price Lists) from Sage to Salesforce. When an opportunity is closed and won in Salesforce, CC automatically creates an order in Sage and updates or creates the customer details in Sage whilst the Purchase Order Number and an Order Number are returned from Sage to Salesforce.  Items from Sage are imported into Products in Salesforce and can be set to export a specific Price List from Sage and import it into a particular Price Book in Salesforce. In addition Shipment details are pulled back into Salesforce so that the end user can monitor when a product(s) have been sent to a customer.

Data Migration: Cloudreach provisioned templates for data migration, the import of cleansed data and the de-duping of data using Salesforce Data Loader.

The Partnership

Throughout the project, we supported and advised on best practice so that the Grosvenor team felt comfortable with the new technology and processes. We offered training and a handover post project to ensure excellent user adoption, and improve the team’s skills in using the new solution. The complex integration was handled by Cloudreach Connect, our in-house integration platform as a service. This robust integration solution handled a complicated integration quickly and effectively.

The Outcome

  • Grosvenor now have a comprehensive solution covering all key areas of their business, with integration points seamlessly automating previously manual processes.
  • The new Sales Cloud implementation automatically pushes opportunity information into Sage, improving data quality, reducing human error and speeding up the invoicing process.
  • The Service Cloud implementation enables Grosvenor to improve partner and customer relationships, giving the customer service team instant and wide visibility over the profile of the customer and their account.
  • Integration with Sage ensures an efficient returns policy and improved customer experience.

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