Exchange Communications

Exchange Communications is a global business offering a range of solutions in over 100 countries. These range from single office telephone systems to complex multi-site and call centre configurations and networked communications. They have over 70,000 products and each solution is tailored and designed to individual customer requirements.

Exchange Communications wanted a greenfield Sales & Service Cloud implementation, because their systems for sales, services and contracts did not interact well, and paperwork was being duplicated. There had been a need for a solution of this kind within the business for almost a decade, and the aim of the project was to transform all front office operational processes to create a customer centric platform.

“Cloudreach adapted the systems that we already had and implemented a solution that has reduced both our paperwork and our man hours due to less duplication of data input.”

Lorraine Connolly Finance Manager

The Challenge

Cloudreach’s focus was to ensure optimal customer service on the front-line, whilst using rich customer information to enable the Sales and Service Desk teams to work more productively and cooperatively.

Exchange Communications used a number of stand-alone systems to administer their sales, service and invoicing processes, and information was passed between them manually using physical paper files and lots of manual and repetitive data input. They decided to enlist specialist help to streamline their systems, and build their processes into Salesforce to cut down on the manual work faced by their employees.

“Our business model is more complex than most, so this was an immediate challenge for any external partner” – LC

The Solution

  • Cloudreach seamlessly integrated Sales Cloud with Service Cloud, exploiting workflow and Apex functionality to streamline operational support for the Exchange Communications Engineering team.
  • Cloudreach automated creation of Cases and Inventory Management in Service Cloud.
  • The activity of in-house and third-party engineers was all tracked using bespoke custom objects and an AppExchange product installed by Cloudreach and configured to the specific business needs of Exchange Communications. This provided transparency on the availability of engineers, providing huge productivity gains for the operational team by reducing labour intensive tasks.
  • Exchange Communications wanted to replace their current paper-based customer sign-off system on completing an installation case, with electronic signature-on-tablet functionality. However, the volume of signatures required meant that using a 3rd-party app add-on e-Signature Application would have been prohibitively expensive for Exchange Communications. Instead, Cloudreach created custom signature-capture software using Apex, Visualforce and Javascript, to help service engineers capture customer signatures on completion of an on-site support call.
  • Exchange Communications’ procurement and selling strategies can be complex – they purchase in 3 different currencies, and sell in 5 currencies. They required automation around converting from and to these currencies, above and beyond what Salesforce can natively handle. Cloudreach implemented a series of custom Apex triggers and batch jobs to seamlessly handle currency conversions, and to update products in bulk if currency exchange rates are updated.

The Partnership

Prior to rolling out Salesforce, Exchange Communications’ data was held in 4 separate systems, depending on the functionality of that data. Cloudreach helped Exchange Communications develop and carry out a data migration strategy for porting all of their data including 70k+ products, 75+ leads, 2,000 service contracts and 6 years’ worth of Service Desk cases, into Salesforce.

Cloudreach assisted with defining and mapping complex business processes, then moulded Salesforce to conform to these requirements, resulting in huge ROI gains. Cloudreach delivered effective Business Analysis resource, followed by iterative training and adoption sessions to help support Exchange Communications’ user base with the transition. The project was broken down into multiple sections and delivered to 5 different teams across each arm of the business.

“Cloudreach have been excellent. They understood our needs and delivered on what we needed, demonstrating an excellent level of support. The project couldn’t have been carried out without Cloudreach’s expertise.” – LC

The Outcome

Cloudreach invested heavily in the business needs of Exchange Communications, and the resulting business solution exceeded their original needs and expectations.

“As a result of this project, we have linked all our departmental systems, reduced duplication on input to various systems and therefore reducing administrative man hours required. From a high level view, our customer services have improved, as has departmental reporting. With more experience of the system, our sales team and Service Level Agreements can be better measured.” – LC

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