A Journey from Telco to Utilities

We were approached by a telco services reseller who had begun to make strides into the energy sector. They were looking to provide utility services to small businesses across the UK. Working with smaller businesses is challenging, being both cost sensitive and service intensive. Our customer’s vision is to be the sole provider of utility services for small businesses, delivering a consolidated and effective billing solution to their customers.

The modernisation of utilities

The utilities industry is traditional to say the least. Change in the utilities space happens over long periods of time and often these changes are obsolete once they have been implemented and rolled out to customers.

Over time the customer experience with traditional utilities providers has eroded their confidence, making the ambitions of our customer even more difficult to fulfil.

As our customer approached the more traditional utilities sector, they strived to provide their own customers with a completely new customer experience. They sought to be a light in the dark for their customers providing the much needed modernisation that is required in the utilities space.

Whenever you try and transform processes which have not evolved with their market you are always faced with a ground up challenge. Our customer knew that they could not force change on their suppliers and therefore would have to provide a dynamic form of modernisation.

Integration tools were a key component of their move into electricity and gas. With these tools they were able to leverage their existing systems (from Finance to their high volume website) and thus transform their supplier data in real-time.


  • Leverage existing business systems to reduce costs.
  • Automate finance functions for business scalability and sustainability.
  • Create a flexible solution able to adapt to changes in the customer environment.


  • Built seamless and completely automated integrations into existing business systems.
  • Created a complete finance integration flow (supplier -> our customer -> their consumer)
  • Leveraged pre-built modules to accelerate time to market.


  • A complete CRM and ERP solution built on Salesforce.
  • SSE data ingested and transformed providing modernisation and clarity to customers.
  • End to end integrated solution allowing our customer to onboard energy customers quickly and sustainably.

Cloudreach Connect: the glue between old and new

The Cloudreach Connect iPaaS solution provides a seamless layer of connectivity and data processing for a variety of different data formats. Our customer’s integration project was a success because of the diversity of the data formats Connect was able to consume: EDI, XML, JSON, CSV, Salesforce API, SQL Databases, etc. The power to transform the data to and from these different data sources and formats (whilst maintaining the business logic on the target systems) made the outcomes possible.

The utilities industry is tough, and a single problem with the calculations in someone’s bill can be a catastrophe for your reputation. Connect provides a reliable always-on solution monitored by a dedicated support team. Peace of mind is important for customers in these critical industries, and our customer was no different.

Connect was able to meet the challenges of the small business market and overcome those put in place by traditional suppliers. Flexibility is key in any project of this type and the success of this project demonstrates the flexibility provided by the Connect platform.

Our customer is able to offer a completely unique energy experience to their own customers.

Cloudreach Connect is an end to end deployed and managed solution. When you choose an integration solution you require more than simply knowing the product can solve the challenges you face and deliver the efficiency you demand. Beyond that, you also need to be confident that the delivery team behind it understands your business and your industry.

Cloudreach Connect delivers best of breed integration technology through its proven iPaaS platform and wraps that with the domain knowledge expertise of Cloudreach’s Professional Services team, who know how to deliver solutions specifically targeted at your industry challenges.

Our customer was able to offer that unique customer experience which is the result of the powerful Connect software solution. Automation alleviates the strain on human resources and allows them to focus on delivering better service to the customer.

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