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Tableau Server Setup In An AWS Environment

Chris Hurley 21st March 2019
Recently while working with a client, Cloud Systems Developer, Chris Hurley,  had the opportunity to install a Tableau server from scratch. Tableau is an analytics platform that allows an enterprise to collaboratively build visualisations using data from its data warehouse. This blog post details the considerations when setting up a Tableau server in an AWS […]

Cloudreach Expands to Sweden

Daniel Tovey 19th March 2019
That’s right…Cloudreach is heading to Sweden! We are delighted to announce the expansion of our European practice to the Nordics with our brand new base in Stockholm, Sweden. Famed for its iconic city hall, having over 100 museums, and its artistic, bat-cave-esque subway stations, Stockholm will be our new centre of operations in the region; […]

Containerize This: Microsoft ASP.NET Containers

Mike Zazon 13th March 2019
Continuing with the Containerize This! Series, Cloud Architect, Mike Zazon, looks at common web application technologies and how they can be used efficiently within Docker containers. Do you have existing ASP .NET applications running on Windows Server? Are you tired of configuring IIS, bindings, and ready to modernize your existing IIS configuration management strategies? Are […]

How To Carry Out A Percona MySql 5.5 Migration With No Downtime

Gabriele Lomuscio 11th March 2019
Gabriele Lomusico, Cloud Systems Developer at Cloudreach, explains how he completed a Percona MySql 5.5 migration to AWS with no downtime.   Migration context The customer asked us to move seven on-premises databases to AWS in a short period of time (about ten days) without any downtime. Each database was configured in replication mode (master/slave) with a […]

Chef And Retrieving Secrets From Vault Using The GCP Authentication Backend

James O'Hara 7th March 2019
Senior Cloud Systems Developer, James O’Hara, describes how he and his colleague Stuart Stone developed a Chef helper library to ease the pains of retrieving Vault secrets in the Google Cloud Platform. While developing Configuration as Code for Google Cloud instances for clients, it became increasingly necessary to pull secrets securely from Vault in order […]

A Face In The Cloud – Beth Clutterbuck, Chief Human Resources Officer

Daniel Tovey 7th March 2019
In this Face in the Cloud we speak to the latest member of the Cloudreach leadership team, Beth Clutterbuck. Our Chief Human Resources Officer discusses motivation, her take on #BalanceforBetter and her nomination for the best pizza on the planet!  Welcome to Cloudreach Beth. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career before […]