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A face in the cloud – Angelos Efthimiou, Cloud Engagement Manager in Munich

Keep It Cloudy News 17th May 2017
Here at Cloudreach, we believe that the growth of a great business is fuelled by great people. It is our talented individuals that make Cloudreach the success it is. Today Angelos Efthimiou tells us about his experience working and #KeepingitCloudy at Cloudreach.   What is your role at Cloudreach? Describe your main responsibilities. At Cloudreach […]

Cloud Computing: Waves

10th May 2017
Technology tends to progress in cycles and contained in those cycles distinct waves of progress form. Cloud computing, the current “it” technology has been building like a storm for the past decade. Public, Private and Hybrid cloud computing offerings are leading the way for companies to expand their quest to get more for less. The […]