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Bridging Multi Cloud Deployments with Kubernetes

Jeremy Bartosiewicz 27th September 2017
A Global Cloud Professional Services Company working with another Global Professional Services Company on bridging multi cloud deployments with Kubernetes… What could possibly go wrong? Might we all get stuck aimlessly in workshops evaluating the hundreds of tools available on the market only to reach a stalemate? Might we spend so much time evaluating tools […]

Mad Expert Bot – A GCP Chatbot on Slack

Team small but mighty 5th September 2017
Hackathon theme and rules In Cloudreach we are very keen to not only support our customers on their digital transformations, but also to use our knowledge and expertise in order to contribute to society, and create something new that improves other people’s lives. One of the ways we do that is through the .create() hackathon. […]

To Buy or Not to Buy: Is That the Question? Procuring versus Comsuming IT Resources

Pontus Noren 31st August 2016
In years gone past, companies have habitually bought and owned land, the building standing on it, and physical assets to sit inside it. These purchases have no obvious benefit to the core business; they are merely required to run it. I have seen entire villages and streets named after the company who resides there. This […]