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Cloudreach hits 120+ GCP certified experts

Nicolas Barrasson 7th February 2018
As you may know from reading this excellent post from Richard Bennett, there was an initiative brought about by the partnership between Cloudreach and Google that caused a big rush on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certifications just before Christmas. We managed to get the incredible number of 120 certifications in under one month, becoming one […]

Robots for Everyone: The Changing Face of Robotics

Linda Nichols 25th January 2018
When you think about the field of robotics and the people who build and program robots, what image comes to mind? Is it this? Or something like this? Or maybe even these famous guys:   That’s because for decades, these images have been icons for computer science, robotics, and engineering disciplines. But despite the fact […]

Passing the Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect exam: Tips & Resources

Richard Bennett 18th December 2017
Recently at Cloudreach we’ve had a big push to get more engineers Google Cloud Platform certified in order to elevate our ability to support our customers. We’ve had lots of engineers taking (and passing!) both the Google Cloud Architect and the Google Data Engineer certifications. I decided to study for the Google Cloud Architect exam, […]

Gamification of Learning

Andrew Bardsley 19th May 2017
The gamification of learning: key for learning in the workplace “Those who believe in using games in a learning environment usually start from a common set of assumptions. They observe that game players regularly exhibit persistence, risk-taking, attention to detail and problem solving skills, all behaviours that ideally would be regularly demonstrated in the workplace” […]

Passing the “Architecting Azure Solutions (70-534)” certification exam: Tips and Resources

Tudor Toma 31st October 2016
I’ve recently passed the 70-534 exam and I really want to share these insights because I wish I had this information prior to taking the exam (and hadn’t wasted revision time on material that does not make a difference and does not help much in preparing you for the exam!). Here are some hints and […]