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Cloudreach is heavily involved in industry events, from small meetups to large conferences. Read some of our blog articles relating to these events.

Mad Expert Bot – A GCP Chatbot on Slack

Team small but mighty 5th September 2017
Hackathon theme and rules In Cloudreach we are very keen to not only support our customers on their digital transformations, but also to use our knowledge and expertise in order to contribute to society, and create something new that improves other people’s lives. One of the ways we do that is through the .create() hackathon. […]

Monz. Expenses Automated

Neil Stewart 4th September 2017
Cloudreach .create() hackathon I took part in the first Cloudreach Hackathon known as .create(), and the first in a series, Cloudreachers from across the globe got into teams of 2-3 to create something – with the theme being to “Create something which improves someone else’s life at Cloudreach”. We only had a couple of restrictions […]