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What are the latest trends in cloud computing? We discuss the influence of Blockchain, IoT, AI, Containers, Hybrid Cloud, Serverless and more.

Clouded Judgement: Remember Governance

Cloudreach Team 24th March 2014
Cloud technologies have no doubt shifted the IT landscape in the past few years. Increased agility, diminished project timelines and abandoning the need to pour the majority of the budget on upfront capital costs has had IT professionals salivating across the globe. It seems however, those who were so eager to embrace the benefits of […]

Key Predictions: the Colour of Cloud in 2014

Cloudreach Team 10th December 2013
2014 will be a big year for cloud computing as it makes the transition from stand-alone IT strategy to becoming embedded in existing IT portfolios. Forrester analyst James Staten agrees, saying that 2014 will be the year that IT operations “stop fighting and get with the programme formally by developing real strategies for embracing the […]