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What are the latest trends in cloud computing? We discuss the influence of Blockchain, IoT, AI, Containers, Hybrid Cloud, Serverless and more.

Lack of Product Owners: the problem with Directionless Agile

Daniel Smythe 27th March 2017
I’m back again and this time and in contrast to my positive “falling in love” confession about Agile I also want to balance the argument and write about a reoccurring problem I have seen in large enterprises during their Agile Cloud Adoption programmes. The Problem: Enterprises saying they will implement an “Agile” way of working […]

Cloud Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Chris Bunch 3rd January 2017
  That time of year isn’t it? Everyone becomes a fortune teller and starts writing about things that will happen in the year ahead. Last year I wrote about IoT, and we did see a lot of development in that area – including (sadly) the security watchpoint I mentioned in the article.