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Asad Malik

Author: Asad Malik

Asad Malik is our Cloud Product Leader at Cloudreach, looking after Cloud Cost Management enabling organisations to accelerate Cloud Adoption. Asad has had previous roles at Arkadin, MTI, Rackspace, IPC Systems, Airwave and Sun Microsystems, with roles ranging across Product Management, Marketing and Solutions Consultancy. With several years of experience of launching, promoting and evangelising new products and services, Asad is helping enterprises derive real value from the Product Portfolio he is responsible for. On his off hours, and with technology written in his DNA, Asad is also an authority in several categories of consumer-grade gadgets. Passionate around the use case for each gadget he owns or has reviewed, Asad has helped translate the features and benefits of the technology to the masses in both professional and social circles. An avid photographer and long-term calligrapher, Asad loves art and often balances his tech world with art forms he routinely creates.