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IoT Doorbell

Neil Stewart 16th June 2017
I’ve been a bit obsessed with Home automation, Serverless and IoT for a wee while and I find that these are three technologies that complement each other super well. I started my IoT collection about 2 years ago when I asked for Philips Hue lights for Christmas… I got a few confused comments and looks […]

Certified Chef Developer

Neil Stewart 25th May 2017
A little while ago I started tackling the Chef certification exams that have been made available. After completing all five of the AWS Certs (not including betas!) – see below – I wanted a new challenge to work towards. In this post I am going to try and break down my experience of the process […]

Gamification of Learning

Andrew Bardsley 19th May 2017
The gamification of learning: key for learning in the workplace “Those who believe in using games in a learning environment usually start from a common set of assumptions. They observe that game players regularly exhibit persistence, risk-taking, attention to detail and problem solving skills, all behaviours that ideally would be regularly demonstrated in the workplace” […]
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