AWS Services & Competencies

As an active and experienced AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we don’t just deliver strategy, planning, implementation and business transformation, but invest heavily in operational services and operations capabilities to sustain performance and service quality for our customers. Whether you’re completely new to AWS and need guidance on how to make your first steps into the cloud, or already have an AWS environment that you want to optimise for peak performance, we can help.

AWS 500 Certified

Competencies & Programmes


We have deep experience working with businesses to help them implement CI/CD practices as well as helping them automate infrastructure provisioning and management with configuration management tools on AWS.

Managed Service Partner

Cloudreach AWS Managed Service Partner

Every year we are assessed regularly by an independent auditor contracted by Amazon to make sure that our processes and systems are up to the very high standards Amazon expect from partners who are part of this program.


Cloudreach AWS Migration Competency

Recognition by Amazon that we have deep experience helping businesses move successfully to AWS, through all phases of complex migration projects, discovery, planning, migration and operations.

Financial Services

Cloudreach AWS Financial Services Competency

We assist global financial services institutions to adopt AWS, with the appropriate governance, compliance and security. In many cases, we have pioneered how stringent regulation standards are adhered to in the public cloud.

Public Sector Partner

Cloudreach Public Sector Partner

We have deep experience assisting government organisations to adopt AWS, with the appropriate governance, compliance and security.

Security Services

Cloudreach believe the basis of any successful project is security and governance.  Since our founding in 2009, Cloudreach’s Cloud Enablement team works with our clients to help them transform their business with a bedrock of security best practice. Our Operations team provides the seasoned experience, deep insight and quick response that has made us a trusted partner.


We have deep experience working with government customers to deliver mission-critical workloads and applications on AWS.


Met Office

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Competency

Cloudreach leads customer’s into the digital industrial revolution. We help customers achieve digital efficiency through the design, build, and maintenance of Next Generation analytics capabilities including artificial intelligence & machine learning (AI/ML). We leverage predictive modeling to increase the value data brings to your business and drive improved customer outcomes.


Dominion Enterprises, DimontWorld’s Largest Quick Service Restaurant

Microsoft Workloads

Microsoft Workloads Competency

Cloudreach delivers Windows workloads that are designed for resiliency and scalability to deliver stability to the workloads that make your businesses tick. From complicated back-office implementations that require strict security standards to revenue-generating, customer-facing applications, Cloudreach has the experience and expertise to migrate, operate, and automate these important workloads in the cloud.


Penn Foster, Macmillan, Trader Interactive, Sterling Talent Solutions

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics Competency

We have deep experience in helping enterprises succeed in big data initiatives in the cloud, from strategy to delivery and ongoing support. Our Big Data offering is backed by a dedicated team of experts who are continuously improving our solution.


Dominion Enterprises, SOVRN, Dimont, World’s Largest Quick Service Restaurant 

Marketing & Commerce

With AWS, Cloudreach helps Marketing and IT leaders build tools and solutions to understand real-time changes in consumer behaviors, operational intelligence, and sales trends faster than ever. Cloudreach leverages best practices in security and compliance to protect your most important asset, your customer.


Multi-Brand Company, Alternative Apparel, Longstreet Solutions 

Big Data Skills

RDS PostgreSQL

Cloudreach has helped various multinational customers use RDS, from building out highly available application stacks to migrating existing on-premise databases to leverage the benefits of a managed database service.


Cloudreach have integrated Redshift into various data analytics platforms for multinational enterprises, leveraging its speed and integration with other AWS services to extract value from large data sets faster.


kinesis logo

AWS Kinesis is an integral part to building scalable streaming data ingestion pipelines. Through the use of AWS Kinesis, Cloudreach has enabled customers to gain insights into datasets in near real time, such as the ability to map out a user’s journey on a website through the analysis of clickstream data.

CDN Skills


Cloudreach have integrated CloudFront content delivery into global websites for multinational enterprises, leveraging the advanced feature set to improve delivery of e-commerce applications.


AWS WAF is an integral part of protecting our customer’s applications. Through the use of the AWS WAF Cloudreach can help mitigate attacks for our customers and provide a managed service thereby relieving the customer of the operational overhead.



kinesis logo

Lambda is a vital tool for running serverless architectures. Cloudreach has delivered many solutions using Lambda, from cost effective governance systems to highly available web services when combined with AWS API Gateway.

API Gateway

API Gateway is a vital tool for running serverless architectures. Cloudreach has delivered many solutions combining the API Gateway with Lambda and the AWS IoT service, from delivering business intelligence applications to real-time monitoring platforms.

Our Projects

Read how Cloudreach helped Sovrn, an advertising technology company for publishers that allows greater insights through enhanced audience access and on demand advertising solutions, transform their Data & Analytics.

Learn why Trader Interactive engaged with Cloudreach to architect a Cloud and DevOps strategy to better suit their client needs and advance their cloud practices.

Cloudreach helped one of the World’s Largest Quick Service Restaurants transform their environment to become cloud-enabled in order to implement a Big Data warehouse and solution in AWS.

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